Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday my daughter was all excited that the school concert was being held. We had went out and got her a new dress... halter top red with a ribbon waist and an uneven hemline that lands at her knees. Well, both the choir and the band were going to be playing she is in both... so a full night of excitement awaited. As she is coming out of the school her little smile isn't there... as she gets in the van I found out they had canceled the program because we were expecting an ice storm to move through. She was so sadly. I found out that it will be rescheduled for January sometime they just don't know when yet.

.... now to the precious part!

We came home and were just doing the average things it was about 7pm I was folding clothes and Cody comes in and said... "MOM DAD! MOM DAD! CEDE NEEDS YOU!!" My first thought was uh oh what happen. I quicken my steps a bit as I walk into the living room Mercedes was all done up in her new dress with a music stand set up and holding her flute. She said I have a concert to perform! So Dave and I sat and listen to our own privet concert she sang one of the songs and played one of the music pieces that they were going to do at school. It was very sweet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow the hollidays are here!

It doesn't seem like its been over a month sense my last post, time flies! Thanksgiving went really well, we ended up with 24 people in my little house. Two 8 foot table end to end with 20 chairs and then my table. Guess what! I didn't burn the food! Whooo!! Well... Im not counting the slightly scorched green bean casserole.. shhh!

Christmas is here in a short three weeks... I have about 98% of the shopping done, spent way too much money this year... but the smiles will be worth it!

My classes are coming to a close... and I have managed to get myself behind, procrastination in my middle name!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year. Cody will be dressing up as a storm trooper... its funny because the costume name was "Commander Cody" That sold him in a heartbeat "Mom, Mom, Mom... LOOOK Commander Cody!!!!!"

Mercedes has been a bit troublesome this year... about two months ago she was begging for a costume that was for sale at a carnival, one of the India shops that do the henna tattoos and have all the belly dancing things... well she talked us into buying a $100.00 costume on the condition this was her Halloween outfit...

ya... she is wearing her pajamas and painting her face as a zombie sleepover girl. Then to top it all off, she doesn't want to go trick-or-treating she is going to the school dance that is tonight instead. Kids!

Oh well, I suppose there is worse things. Dave and I are dressing up also... Dave in a kilt that we got at the Renaissance festival. I am dressing up in what I would call a winches dress... the ones with the long dress with a corset on the top.

This week has been busy we went to the pumpkin patch last Saturday, carved pumpkins on Sunday, Tuesday we went to a corn maze and a hay rack ride, tonight trick-or-treating and then tomorrow Im taking Cede to a haunted house. Wow... Im worn out just typing it all!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In thinking about my Dad, I was recalling a crazy hat story...

I'm not entirely sure how long ago this was, I'm thinking about two years before he passed away so 2005 ish. I was down to visit for one of my week stays with him and I noticed a new hat while I was picking up... now I say new, thing was it didn't look new, but I knew I hadn't seen it last time I was down. I picked it up and it was filthy looking. Not to mention it looked like someone had taken dirt rubbed it in wax and was attempting to make a wax hat candle! Dad was asleep he had just had one of his chemo's not too long before this so he napped a lot. I didn't want to wake him but I seriously wanted to wash this hat!! I kept cleaning around the house picking up... but I just can't wait to hear this story on this wax hat he has sitting here.

Now the funny part...

When Dad woke up it was just killing me... "Hey Dad... whats the story on the hat? Should I WASH it!!!! (oh please say yes cuz this thing looks horrible! Not that I have any idea of how to clean it other than boiling it in a big pot of water!)"

Oh no, I just bought that last week. Do you like it?
Laughing Dad said ya I might have over done it on the waterproofing just a bit.
Now why on earth would you say that? Does it have anything with it looking like a wax replica of a hat now!! Dad said well that's my second can on of waterproofing on this one hat...

(now for those of you who don't know about water proofing paste well you put on one coat, let it dry put on one more coat and your good to go for a couple years! One jar of waterproofing paste can cover an amazing amount of things. At the very least about 10 hats!)

... laughing I said... well I think you might be good for a flood now, but how did it get black?
Dad goes on... oh that... well I thought it looked too new so I took it out and ran it over with my truck a few times! Might have ran over it a few too many times too!

Leave it to my Dad totake a new hat use up one and a half cans of waterproofing on one little old thing and then go out and drive over it with his pickup truck to give it that 'aged' look! I must admit it looks pretty old now! Has that whole Indiana Jones and the temple of doom feel to it!

Oh that brings up another memory... this one goes back to 1990's. Dad loved the Indiana Jones movies now Mercedes wasn't even a year old so this had to be 1995. Dad ran up to the video store to rent a couple of movies, he was horrible about remembering what he had rented and hadn't rented. He pops in a video and its Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, he said ahh man I did it again. I have rented this about 19 times thinking that this is a new one! I need to tell the video store to quit letting me rent this movie!

I went to the new Indian Jones that came out this year and cried in the movie theater.. funny how things like that can make you miss someone. Doubt he would have liked the new one though... it wasn't much like the old films.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Sense my Dad passed away last December I have been doing a lot of reminiscing of things when I was a kid. This one that I'm about to share made me laugh...

When I was a kid my Dad had an old beat up white pickup truck that we drove to town once or twice a week. We had to because it had a tank on the back that we filled with water at the fire department and brought home to fill our underground tank so we could have running water. Well this old truck didn't have much in the way of a radio and Dad taught me songs that we would sing on the way home with the windows down my hand out the window and belting it out as loud as we could. Well it wasn't until 4th grade that I came to learn that these songs that Dad had taught me weren't exactly 'appropriate'!

The entire 4th grade was going to be putting on a play for the school. It was a really big deal, we were learning how to square dance for part of it I remember that... but what really stands out in my head is the day that we were handed out song books to learn. I was standing on the top row of one of those steps that you stand on when your in choir... well, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to what was in the song book, I was too busy doing something else... who knows what. Well the teacher began to play the piano and the kids began to sing... and Ahhh! I know this song Dad and I sing it all the time... so I start to sing, being so proud that I know all the words...

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school
We have tortured all the teachers
We have broken every rule.
We are marking down the hall to kill the principle us brats go marching on!

Well as Im just belting out this song all the kids quit singing.... one by one.... Im looking around but I keep going...

Glory, glory, hallelujah
Teacher hit me with a ruler...
So I met her at the door with a loaded .44
The teacher don't do that no more.

Now, the piano has quit playing and my teacher looks sooooo mad that she could spit. I knew more verses but I thought I might want to be quite at this point! She walked up and said follow me young lady. We marched straight to the office and I sat on a chair, looking a the secretary. The teacher went in and talked to the principle. Then she left, what seemed like forever later... while no one had talked to me my Dad comes walking through the door. Uh Oh! Not Good! He looks at me with the eyes... you know the ones, what have you done this time! I sit... he walks into the principles office, then I hear something I wasn't expecting. My Dad starts laughing!

As my Dad walks out of the principles office he has a smile on his face and looks down at me and sese... kiddo your going home for the day. We leave and I say, am I in trouble... he said no, but on the way home we need to learn a new song! Dad knew he had got me into that mess Im guessing, I got kicked out of school for the day, but it was a very memorable day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Long weekend...

Wow, what a long weekend...
My husband and I decided to put up a wood ceiling in our house. It started off with the vaulted ceiling in the living room in the spring. We decided we liked it so much we wanted to put it up in the dinning room and kitchen. So my whole weekend was spent with my arms over my head installing tongue and grove wood slats on the ceiling with a brad nailer... my arms are soooo sore this morning! But the ceiling looks really good. We still need to stain it, we set up a camera to do a time laps of the install, it took a picture every 3 minutes and strings it together in a movie. It looks cool, I will post it after we finish the time laps with the staining too.

Cody was suppose to have a boy scout camp this weekend, it got changed to next weekend. Ultimately because the den leader told us the wrong day. It was next weekend all along, he just wrote it down wrong. Oh well! Cody ended up going to grandma's house and staying the night there cuz he was all excited and wanting to go someplace! Mercedes went and stayed with a friend and went to a street dance. So Dave and I ended up with a weekend alone!! Whooo!!

Well theres my fun and exciting weekend... it was productive though!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breaking the ice...

Well, I created this blog as an assignment for a class I had... with no real intention of ever doing much with it. However my cousin has inspired me to try. So here goes my first Blog post!

I am finding my motivation for completing my college classes this semester almost nonexistent. You would think I would be excited.. I'm a Junior now, but I so am not excited. The idea that I still have 50+ hours to complete equating to about 2 or maybe 2 1/2 years left, makes me feel as if I will never get there. I finally have all my general education classes out of the way... and my internships in the classroom are going to be coming soon. That might make me feel as if I'm getting there. But for now... I find myself staring at my books and sitting there, one thing about online classes, without self motivation and being driven its easy to say ahh I will do that tomorrow. Then before you know it your swimming in homework and going to be luck if you pass.


OK... this is very random but hilarious! My 4 month old kitten just fell in the toilet! I was typing in a quite house, not a sound... curplunk! ArrAAArrhhhh!! One soaking wet kitten! Now it is looking at me as if I had something to do with its demise! LOL...

Well... off to hit the books, and try and acomplish something.