Friday, January 30, 2009


Well I passed, it actually wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. I bought a book that was to help me study for the Praxis test and it had two computerized practice tests. They were harder than the actual test was. Guess they wanted me to be extra prepared!

So now I apply to the University to be admitted into the teaching program officially. Its just a technicality at this point, can't imagine why it would be declined. Next fall I will start one of three internships that will have me in the classroom 1 hr 15 min two times per week. She told me I could piggy back two of the internships and do 2 1/2 hours twice a week one semester. If all goes as planed I will be able to do my student teaching in the Fall of 2010. So for Spring 2011 I would have my full teaching licence and hopefully be able to find a long term sub job. Then my own classroom Fall 2011!! Whoo!!

I did get to sub this week in a third grade class, it was fun. I enjoyed the kids... I did however learn how I never want to keep my classroom! This teacher had two desks, one if front and one on the side of the room. She had so much papers and teaching manuals and stuff piled on both that I couldn't set down my coffee cup. I had to set it on a students desk until I picked up piles of things to make bigger piles elsewhere. I couldn't find any lesson plans, the teacher across the hall was a saving grace. She made me lesson plans on the fly loaned me her teaching manual for math cuz it was no where to be found... and made me copies of worksheets that got me through most of the morning, then I was really glad that I had purchased a book called the substitute teachers survival guide, I used some class games with their spelling words that went really well.

Well I'm off to work on class assignments this semester I am taking General Logic, The Effective Classroom, Health and PE Methods and Curriculum, and Educating Exceptional Students. Logic is kickin my butt at the moment... so off I go!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok... I know this sounds crazy but I am nervous!!! VERY nervous! I just registered for the PRAXIS test, this is the test I have to take prior to being admitted 'officially' in the teaching program... its the ACT all over again. And quite frankly I didn't do so swell on the ACT. I have two week and the test will last 4 1/2 hours. The only saving grace is that it has three parts, if I pass two of them and not one I only have to re-take the one I didn't pass. I can do this... right?