Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday my daughter was all excited that the school concert was being held. We had went out and got her a new dress... halter top red with a ribbon waist and an uneven hemline that lands at her knees. Well, both the choir and the band were going to be playing she is in both... so a full night of excitement awaited. As she is coming out of the school her little smile isn't there... as she gets in the van I found out they had canceled the program because we were expecting an ice storm to move through. She was so sadly. I found out that it will be rescheduled for January sometime they just don't know when yet.

.... now to the precious part!

We came home and were just doing the average things it was about 7pm I was folding clothes and Cody comes in and said... "MOM DAD! MOM DAD! CEDE NEEDS YOU!!" My first thought was uh oh what happen. I quicken my steps a bit as I walk into the living room Mercedes was all done up in her new dress with a music stand set up and holding her flute. She said I have a concert to perform! So Dave and I sat and listen to our own privet concert she sang one of the songs and played one of the music pieces that they were going to do at school. It was very sweet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow the hollidays are here!

It doesn't seem like its been over a month sense my last post, time flies! Thanksgiving went really well, we ended up with 24 people in my little house. Two 8 foot table end to end with 20 chairs and then my table. Guess what! I didn't burn the food! Whooo!! Well... Im not counting the slightly scorched green bean casserole.. shhh!

Christmas is here in a short three weeks... I have about 98% of the shopping done, spent way too much money this year... but the smiles will be worth it!

My classes are coming to a close... and I have managed to get myself behind, procrastination in my middle name!