Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow the hollidays are here!

It doesn't seem like its been over a month sense my last post, time flies! Thanksgiving went really well, we ended up with 24 people in my little house. Two 8 foot table end to end with 20 chairs and then my table. Guess what! I didn't burn the food! Whooo!! Well... Im not counting the slightly scorched green bean casserole.. shhh!

Christmas is here in a short three weeks... I have about 98% of the shopping done, spent way too much money this year... but the smiles will be worth it!

My classes are coming to a close... and I have managed to get myself behind, procrastination in my middle name!


Gina said...

Good to finally see you posting again!! I missed you! Glad to hear that you didnt give any of you family food poisoning!! LOL!! JK!!

Pam said...

You know I seriously thought about it! One bad turkey makes you the roll lady for life!! lol..